Spark AR: World Effects

The difference between camera space and world space are by default, all objects are added to the scene as children of the Camera in the Scene panel. This means they’re in camera space, and will move with the movement of the device. World Space moves objects out of camera space and into world space. This positions the object at 0 along the X, Y and Z axes.

  • Target Tracker: The target tracker in Spark AR Studio triggers an effect when the camera is pointed at an image in the real world, like a poster for a movie. The tracker effect could be used to create a sign or poster on a flat environment inside such as a rectangle frame inside/outside of the Catalyst building.
  • Plane Tracker: A plane tracker will find a horizontal surface in the real world, like a floor to table. Objects that are children of the plane tracker will then appear when the surface is detected. This tracker could show current work/projects students have done on a wall of a classroom inside of the Catalyst building, or maybe an effect of the EWU logo reflected off of the floor when you walk in.
  • Best Practices: Before you choose a target image for your target tracking effect, it’s a good idea to check these best practices. Not all images make good targets. Choosing a bad target image could mean your effect doesn’t respond to it. Previewing an effect inside or outisde of the Catalyst building with bad lighting or quality might not make the design legible and it will make it hard to be seen. Choosing a flat surface with these correct practices will help choose the best and correct placement for a design in effect.

Choose a target image the camera can easily identify.

Consider the placement of the target in the world — for example its proximity to the camera.

  • Target Markers

If your effect includes target tracking, it’s a good idea to show a target marker in the effect until the target image is detected. This will help people using the effect know what target to look for in the real world. When the correct target is detected the target marker can be set to disappear, revealing the effect. I think this effect could be used to show the STEM programs and other information such as offices and directions inside and outside of the building.

Some external links with information:

This idea could be used for students and Catalyst staff members

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